LEAN Process

Adapted by HCSS, LEAN manufacturing was perfected by Toyota in the 1990s.

We work with you to identify the challenges in your supply chain and eliminate waste while exposing your highest risk areas and implementing solutions to address your specific needs.

KANBAN Solution

KANBAN – Japanese word meaning “card” or “ticket”

The word KANBAN has been adapted by the Business community as a signaling system to trigger action. At HCSS…

Benefits of a Combined LEAN and KANBAN Process

HCSS has uniquely combined LEAN and KANBAN process methodologies into a premier healthcare storage solution.

The result is exceptional value to our clients in the following areas:


Improved Use of Space – With our High Density baskets, we reduce the square footage dedicated to supply storage by using a patented 8-tier system. Compare this to your current model and you may find you can store up to 30-40% more in your existing areas. The smaller the materials area the better – you’ll gain more control of your materials, reduce confusion when searching for consumables, and ultimately have more space for patient needs.


Improved Productivity – Consider how difficult it is to navigate and manage your current supply rooms. Our 2-bin process dramatically reduces time to count and eliminates the need to interact with every line item. This also means improved inventory accuracy and no more “eye-balling” of supplies to reorder. Restocking is also a snap for your nurses and storeroom staff, as they will no longer be required to restock in small issue quantities.


Improved Inventory Performance – You will see an overall reduction of your traditional PAR values through significantly better reporting. In addition, you will see improved rotation of your stock and the elimination of outdated inventories. This approach eliminates the peaks and valleys you currently see in your inventories.


Improved Employee Morale – Our materials system bridges the gap between nurses and materials handlers through better organization and improved inventory levels. Nursing satisfaction will go up as the burden of materials management is reduced; they are enabled “grab and go” and spend more time with their patients.