LEAN Process

LEAN Process

LEAN manufacturing was perfected by Toyota in the 1990s, but HCSS has adapted it to the healthcare industry like no other.  We believe it is a dynamic process and our approach to materials management sets us apart from other healthcare storage solution providers.

We work with you to identify the challenges in your supply chain and eliminate waste. Your high dollar inventories may be mismanaged. Your inventory may be spread out in too many places. Your nurses may lack the time and tools required to effectively manage inventory levels.

We will work with you to expose your highest risk areas and implement solutions to address your specific needs. By following a LEAN philosophy and process, you will see immediate benefit for your nurses, your patients and your bottom line.

Modernize & Simplify

Typical hospital supply rooms are a confusing sea of odd-shaped bins, that take up too much space and too much of your nursing and materials management valuable time.  In today’s global healthcare industry, it’s time to modernize your materials processes with a leading partner who understands that your needs are about more than just storage alone. We work with our clients to develop their full range of requirements and implement an engineered storage solution that reduces space, eliminates waste, lowers employee labor costs, and improves overall morale.